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Government defends closure of Forensic Science Service

By Dave November 28th, 2011 News Comments Off

From the BBC website a good article by Paul Rincon (Science Editor) regarding the government defending its decision to close the Forensic Science Service (FSS). We have included an excerpt to provide a flavour. For the full article please visit

In its response to a damning inquiry report into the closure, it says allowing the service to enter administration would have seriously damaged the criminal justice system. The government also denies suggestions it did not fully consider alternatives to closure. (more…)

Forensic Science Service closure forces police to use untested private firms

By Sunny September 5th, 2011 News Comments Off

This article is taken from the Guardian Newspaper and was first published on Wednesday 3 August 2011. The original article can be found at

Forces employing suppliers without ‘due diligence’ after rushed closure of loss-making central service

The closure of the Forensic Science Service has been so rushed that police forces have been forced to turn to untested private suppliers to fill the gap, a police authority has warned. (more…)

New Scientist: Forensic marriage could preserve the UK’s reputation

By Sunny May 21st, 2011 News No Comments

Shaoni Bhattacharya, contributor, New Scientist

This may not be Westminster Abbey, and there’s no Wills or Kate, declared veteran TV presenter Nick Ross at London’s Science Museum last night. But there is, he went on to say, a beautiful wedding in store.

After a long courtship the public and private sectors in forensic science in the UK and Ireland are coming together, said Ross, speaking at the launch of the Association of Forensic Science Providers (AFSP).

The launch is significant because the UK’s forensic services are in turmoil, and their future uncertain, because the government’s has announced that it will close its leading forensic research centre, the Forensic Science Service, in March next year. (more…)