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Forensic Science Service closure forces police to use untested private firms

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This article is taken from the Guardian Newspaper and was first published on Wednesday 3 August 2011. The original article can be found at

Forces employing suppliers without ‘due diligence’ after rushed closure of loss-making central service

The closure of the Forensic Science Service has been so rushed that police forces have been forced to turn to untested private suppliers to fill the gap, a police authority has warned. (more…)

Society of Biology Comments on Defra R&D Cuts

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Defra’s updated Evidence Strategy details cuts in the departmental research and development budget over the next four years, in order to meet savings required by the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review. Defra was worst-hit by the CSR, with a budget cut of 30%, compared to the government average of 19%.

The report states that this will be achieved ‘by reducing, in real terms, resource (‘programme’) spending by 29%, capital spending by 34% and the administration budget by 33%’. This means ‘total evidence budgets’, essentially research commissioned by Defra at its laboratory agencies, will decline over the next four years. (more…)