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Putting a price on the justice system

By Sunny November 16th, 2011 News Comments Off

More feedback and opinion regarding the closure of the FSS from Anna Sandiford (Nov 13 2011).  Dr Anna Sandiford is a Forensic Science Consultant and Expert Witness. She is also Director of The Forensic Group, a scientific consultancy based in New Zealand with an extensive national and international networks of experts upon whom to call. She has been been involved with forensic science since 1998 in both the UK and New Zealand and has assisted with cases mostly in New Zealand and the UK.

I have already mentioned that many other forensic scientists around the world think that the British government’s decision to close the Forensic Science Service (FSS) was poor – not least because of the loss of knowledge from senior scientists and the lack of them having the time to transfer that knowledge to younger scientists because the closure has been so rapid. It now seems the government is having to defend its decision because of the strong feeling against that decision.


Anna has an interesting angle regarding the changing shape of the forensics market…

What I find interesting here is the suggestion that the forensics market has been shrinking. I suggest that it hasn’t been shrinking; it has just changed shape. If the market shrank then that would imply that there is less work. My experience is that this is not the case; there is just as much work out there – with increasing population comes increasing crime rates and increasing needs for forensic science. What has changed is the way the Police meet their needs for forensic science; more of it is now being done in-house and not necessarily by individuals to a standard for court presentation but perhaps to a standard suitable for intelligence purposes.


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