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Government defends closure of Forensic Science Service

By Dave November 28th, 2011 News Comments Off

From the BBC website a good article by Paul Rincon (Science Editor) regarding the government defending its decision to close the Forensic Science Service (FSS). We have included an excerpt to provide a flavour. For the full article please visit

In its response to a damning inquiry report into the closure, it says allowing the service to enter administration would have seriously damaged the criminal justice system. The government also denies suggestions it did not fully consider alternatives to closure.

The FSS was losing some £2m a month.

The government wants to transfer operations to private enterprise, which currently makes up 40% of the forensics market. The original inquiry report by the cross-party House of Commons science and technology committee was published in July this year. It was chaired by Labour MP Andrew Miller. The inquiry concluded the government had not given sufficient consideration to the wider impacts of closing the FSS. Implications for criminal justice, research and evidence archives were “hastily overlooked” for financial reasons, it said.

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